2 comments on “Breaking The Cycle of Madness

  1. “It wasn’t that the inspiration no longer existed. My mind still swelled with stories. They played out like Broadway musicals on the stage of my mind. No, rather the words found difficulty leaving my mind through text.”
    THIS is exactly what is happening to me with my novel right now. I, for one, am thankful you wrote this post. I have had a difficult time explaining to others what the problem is. I tell them plans for the storyline and they say, “there, just go write that.” As you can relate, it’s not that simple. I am trying what was recommended to you, just write something, anything. I set the book aside, and started chasing some other stories. It is getting the words flowing again. I’m almost ready to dust the book off and make some more progress. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you, Carrie.

      You’re right, it isn’t that simple. I write for a sports blog, I’m writing a novel, and I’ve started and written parts of short stories.

      In each case, I struggle to put the thoughts into words. It’s been a battle for quite some time now.

      It is helping, to simply write my thoughts. This post, seemed to help unlock some of what’s in my mind.

      Here’s to us, breaking free from the muck. 🙂

      Best of luck to you as well. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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