8 comments on “Patreon: The Valley of Marmalade

      • I do read them, that’s why I just don’t want to hit the like button. And you’re a really good writer. I’m just inside my own head currently. It’s hard pushing through these depression spells. I’ve tried picking up books and reading some of my favorite authors and can’t even do it. Uggg depression.

      • I understand well. I’m in the same boat. In my own head a lot lately. Depression has hit hard. Panic attacks, meltdowns. So yeah I totally get it. Writing has been extra hard for me because of it. I forced myself to write a very vulnerable piece last week for Medium. It’s been hard, I feel ya. Keep your head up. šŸ™‚

      • Writing is pretty much the only thing left that brings me any kind of satisfaction. I find it therapeutic so honestly I don’t know what I would do without it. But there are days I will go two or three days thinking I’m never going to write again and then I’ll wind up posting 3 poems in the same day. It’s up and down for meeting. Anxiety rollercoaster.. Hope you find some calm days.

      • I hope you are able to find some calm as well. Wishing you the best my friend. You have my support. Sending good vibes your way as well.

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