7 comments on “These Voices in My Head (Reprise)

  1. I really enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme! And I have lost so many followers and friendships because the relationships have kind of become one way since I’m depressed. I’m incapable of talking to people are reaching out or asking them how they’re doing because I’m incapable of emotional connection right now. I’m isolated and I’m lethargic, not lazy. So when people ask me to go do stuff I don’t… but not depressed people think that depressed people can just “snap out of it” and that’s literally not how depression works…

    • There’s still a stigma. It sucks. It bothers me. Folks with depressing can’t just “snap out of it.” It doesn’t work that way. I’ve been in a spiral, then I surface, then back again. I’ve struggled, I’ve been in some really bad and dark places of late. So I get it. I feel it. I know what you mean. I have hard the damnedest time writing as well. Hugs and keep going. Don’t give up. 💙

      • I started writing as a little girl to escape all the abuse I went through so for me it’s a therapeutic outlet. Hang in there! I would say it gets better but it absolutely doesn’t and that’s when you really really really need to love yourself!

      • I know. It’s the implementation that’s hard. I didn’t write as a teenager. I was an artist and music was one of my escapes. 30 years later, writing has replaced the sketching and drawing, but music is still an escape. You hang in there as well. We’ll see this through. It’s what survivors do.

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